Thursday, January 12, 2012

Edmodo = amazing.

My students are really, really smart.  Sometimes, I can't get over how smart they are.  We had a debate in class on whether or not the average person could run and be successful in gaining political office.  When the bell rung, they were not finished.  They begged me to continue the debate the next day.

Since I had to give  benchmark today, I told them we couldn't do it in class, but we could continue it online...and they ran with it.

While sitting in class, I kept on getting email updates.  When I finally got around to checking my phone, there were over 30 posts replying to the topic that I had posted online.  My students had posted their final thoughts AND responded to each other.  I was enthralled.  Kids who do not talk on class were talking online and responding to others.

I've been converted.  Love it.

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